SR22 Insurance for High Risk Motorists Added to Local Quotes System at Insurer Website Online

Midland, TX (PRWEB) July 25, 2014

American motor vehicle owners who are at higher risks for accidents or unexpected collisions can pay higher premiums for vehicle insurance on average. The Quotes Pros company has enhanced its local insurer network to provide SR22 insurance for high risk motorists this year at

The different coverage network of local agencies providing direct price quotations for risk based policies has expanded the search platform now publicly available for any car owner to access. One advantage to using this new platform is the way that price information is generated when requested.

“We’re one of the few websites offering a way to look up or compare insurance policies by zip code and have organized our tool to extend privacy to car owners,” a Quotes Pros rep said.

The national finder that is available for American vehicle owners to access from the Quotes Pros website has the capability to produce different coverage formats aside from high risk. A person who is interested solely in liability, non owner or full coverage options can directly quote these packages.

“The entrance of a zip code is the first step to sorting through our system and various providers can be reviewed to find the right automobile policy,” the rep included.

The Quotes Pros company is also showcasing various formats of insurance coverage that are not automotive related this year. Consumers can easily access the life insurance, renter insurance and homeowner plans good for all states in the USA at


The company has adjusted the types of insurance policies that can be obtained through its public resource this year. New rates for life, renters, health and renter policies can now be extracted and compared by consumers online. The company adds insurers to its platform as new companies are researched to help provide a simple way that the public can obtain rates for different coverages requested.

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Cheap Florida Car Insurance Prices Added to Quotes System at U.S. Insurer Portal Online

Jacksonville, FL (PRWEB) June 24, 2014

Researching vehicle insurance at the state level using the Internet will now be easier for residents in Florida. The Quotes Pros company has added cheap Florida car insurance prices delivered by top companies through its price calculator at

All counties in the state are represented in the statewide search system that is currently introducing the affordable plans. The exclusive rates that are provided through this system are immediately activated and locked in for any motorist who plans to complete a purchase securely online.

“PIP and other coverage add-ons can be quoted through our system to deliver a faster comparison option for car owners who are unable to call various companies by phone,” said a rep at the Quotes Pros company.

The standard options for reviewing vehicle insurance this year at the website include more than personal insurance protection enabled plans. Advanced or basic plans for liability, full coverage, non owner, high risk and collector coverage are available in the calculation system.

“Any driver who utilizes our website for in-depth research can be presented with different options once a zip code has been entered and matched with the state providers available,” said the rep.

The Quotes Pros company has enable a new connection with various insurers this year to broaden the coverage plans that can be accurately quoted using the company website. Policies that include life, renters, health and business insurance are available to quote at


The company is one national resource offering statewide lookups for vehicle insurance coverage over the Internet. The company procedures for acquiring rates quotations have changed to an automated process this year. The company is now servicing life insurance, renters, homeowners and health insurance prices for consumers performing intelligent research using the supplied tools on the homepage. Different agencies are added in the company system for review weekly.

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Database will end drivers' lies on points and cut car insurance by '£15'

Database will end drivers' lies on points and cut car insurance by '£15'
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Automobile Insurance Coverages
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New Car Insurance Companies Approved & Listed with Fast Quotes Direct; Savings Of 30-65% Now Available

(PRWEB) July 01, 2014

Finding the best auto insurance companies online doesn’t have to mean endless hours of searching the web for deals. Cheap car insurance quotes are now available with one of the leading auto insurance comparison sites on the web, The company is pleased to announce new partnerships with industry leading insurance providers that promise to bring drivers across America more chances of savings.

Compare Cheap Car Insurance Quotes Today, Click Here

Sacrificing the quality of coverage isn’t the only way to lower costs of auto insurance. Consumers have the right to demand more from the leading providers and with Fast Quote Directs new comparison tool, some of the best insurance companies available are now being listed along with great incentives to new customers. Top insurers such as Progressive, State Farm and Geico are among the top rated companies that have provided new incentives for qualifying drivers to name a few. To take advantage of these new offers all visitors of the site need to do is enter in their zip code to see if they qualify.

Compare auto insurance rates online in less than 4 minutes (click here).

Visitors are welcome to use the site to compare as many quotes as they please to see if they qualify for savings available on a state by state basis. Their zip code will return the best matches in the database for the user to choose from. Most consumers compare a minimum of 3 quotes to ensure they’re getting the best deal.

Why Fast Quotes Direct?

Privacy. No Concern that rates may go up with a phone call to their provider.
No Obligations. No pressure to sign up or sales tactics to deal with.
No Email of Phone required to get results, means no spam or sales calls.
Top Providers. All companies are top rated by the Better Business Bureau and AM Best.
Completely free. The services are provided at no cost at all consumers.

To try out the site to see if you qualify for cheap car insurance quotes, visit today.

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Auto insurers push legislation that would raise NC rates

Auto insurers push legislation that would raise NC rates
FAIRNC claims that car insurance discounts for good drivers, good students and members of the military “are available in almost every state except North Carolina.” However, almost all of the discounts advertised on TV are available in North Carolina …
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MAPFRE Insurance Enters Pennsylvania Auto, Home Insurance Market
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AssuredPartners acquires Ramsey Insurance Agency
It specializes in coverage for businesses, including business owners insurance, business auto insurance and workers' compensation, as well as insurance for individuals, including homeowner, auto and flood. As part of the acquisition, 13 Ramsey …
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Auto insurance underwriting losses increase by 77 percent

Auto insurance underwriting losses increase by 77 percent
Manitoba flag auto insurance The compulsory auto insurance carrier in Manitoba, Canada, has now reported that it had experienced underwriting losses of almost $ 220 million (CAD) within the fiscal year that came to a close at the end of February.
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North Valley Library to hold open house
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Average Car Insurance Rates By State

Average Car Insurance Rates By State – we are providing tips and valuable information for our visitors looking to get more…

Best car insurance rates   Best car insurance companies consumer reports

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